Using Sunscreen Indoors Year-Round

The Importance of Using Sunscreen Year-Round & Indoors

The days are getting shorter. The temps are falling. In the midwest, we move to spend more of our time indoors and the winter approaches. Even with this annual migration inside, I still remind my patients to apply sunscreen Everyday. The response I hear commonly is, “but I don’t go outside this time of year so I don’t wear sunscreen.” Truth be told, our skin still gets a tremendous amount of UV light even in the dead of winter.

Sunscreen Protects Against Skin Cancer

That UV light is what causes skin cancer (UVA and UVB) and signs of aging like wrinkles and dark sun spots (UVA). Going about our normal daily activities, like driving to work or walking the dog, leads to a cumulative very high UV exposure. Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays pass through glass and affect the skin. Clear glass allows 75% of UVA through, while reflective and tinted glass allow only 25%-50% of UVA rays to pass through. The most protective glass is laminated or UV-coated glass that filters out 95%-99% of all UVA rays. Unfortunately, most residential and commercial buildings do not have UVA protection. Therefore, if your office desk is anywhere near a window, your skin is getting a heavy dose of UVA light.

How to Protect Your Skin

Use blinds, shades, and tinted glass, and increase your distance from windows and doors to protect your skin from chronic daily UVA exposures. Remember, it’s UVA light that AGES your skin! Plus, recent research shows that light emitted by our computer screens and cell phones also causes signs of aging like dark spots and melasma. What sunscreen is a good choice for your skin for daily purposes? You should look for at least an SPF 30 and one that contains zinc. George Dermatology offers a large selection of sunscreens that provide excellent protection for year-round wear so you don’t have to feel or smell like a buttered coconut in the winter in St. Louis.

Call George Dermatology today. We are happy to help you find a sunscreen that you will look forward to wearing daily to keep your skin looking younger than your years.

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Dr Katherine M. Moritz is the bomb-diggity!!! She’s very professional, kind, and most of all caring for my concerns and needs. Today, I walked out of her office with my son in my arms in tears of joy. She removed a cyst on my eyelid that had been there for over a year now. In a matter of seconds, she painlessly had it removed. When I looked in the bathroom mirror, I ran back into her office thanking the staff and giving her my gratitude and thanks. I swear, I cried when I got into my car all over again. This place is a whole vibe, they are culturally competent, and she’s helping me live my wishes in my 40’s, that I had in high school. Dr. Moritz is like the fountain of youth, she’s reversing my aging and I feel more confident in myself than I did in my 20’s.

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