Watching Out for New Moles

New Moles

Be on the lookout for new moles! A study published in 2017, reviewed over 20,000 melanomas. Researchers found that just 29% of melanomas arose from an existing mole, while 71% appeared as new growths on what had previously been normal skin. The researchers also found that melanomas arising from existing moles tended to be thinner and …

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UVA Rays in the Winter

UVA Rays in the Winter

In the midwest, we move to spend more of our time indoors and the winter approaches. Even with this annual migration inside, I still remind my patients to apply sunscreen everyday. The response I hear commonly is, “but I don’t go outside this time of year so I don’t wear sunscreen.” Truth be told, our …

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Excellent care from Dr. George and her entire staff. The offices are brand new and beautiful, not to mention clean as can be.

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