UVA Lights Used In Nail Salons.

UVA Lights in Nail Salons

Gel manicures have surged in popularity because the gel nail polish hardens so quickly and effectively. But did you know the method used to accomplish that effect may harm your skin?

UVA light is used to cure the polish, and we know that UVA light is what causes photoaging like wrinkles and sun spots. Plus, the UVA emitted from these lamps is considerably stronger than UVA from the sun. In 2017, the FDA released a consumer alert regarding the use of UV-curing lamps at nail salons because of the UV radiation emitted.

Daily use of such lamps is uncommon, making the cumulative exposure low; but precautions against UV exposure are recommended when using these lamps to harden your polish. UV-protectant gloves, or gloves with the fingertips cut off, and application of a broad spectrum sunscreen on the hands prior to use is recommended to decrease the risks of UV exposure to the hands.

You don’t have to give up your gel manicures and pedicures – just be safe and keep your skin looking beautiful to show off that new polish by protecting your skin from these harmful UVA rays. After all, your hands can really reveal your age!

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